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My Covey Home Cutting Boards are created using a specific method that has been proven to produce the highest quality cutting boards out there. This twelve step process created by the Owner's of My Covey Home. All wood found in My Covey Home Cutting Boards will be only the highest quality hardwoods (walnut, padauk, cherry, maple, purpleheart, curly maple, yellowheart, canary, bloodwood and many more).  Even the thinnest strips are high quality hardwood. Though the specifics of this process are to be kept secret, here is a brief overview of what goes into each My Covey Home Cutting Board. In between the build, glue, sand, finishing stages, each cutting board go through various rigorous stress tests.  These stress tests will ensure an incredibly strong board that will last years. My Covey Home coats each cutting board in a special coating that keeps oil evenly distributed throughout the board and gives an incredible finish you won't find anywhere else. Each cutting board's have a satin sheen that isn't a cheap gloss, but more of a quality look. Each hand burned image is determined when the My Covey Home creators name each cutting board.  A design is decided on and hand burned. You are truly getting handmade quality like none other.  You are sure to be more than happy with your My Covey Home Cutting Board.

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